Hi. My name is Niklas Block.
I am a german artist living in Karlsruhe, south-west of Germany.
In my free time I follow my passions and like to explore drawing.
Not worrying about canvas sizes, materials and colors, experimentation comes first.
Also I am Iniciator of einszuwurzelzwei, a poster club for creatives with only two rules.
First keep the Ratio and second do anything you want with the words.
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Don’t fear algorithms, Merz Akademie Stuttgart, 2017
Don’t fear algorithms, Lange Nacht der Museen Stuttgart, 2018
Don’t fear algorithms, Galerie Kernweile Stuttgart, 2018
Don’t fear algorithms, FensterPlatz Heidelberg, 2019
Clients & Employers
Monopol Magazin, Dummy Magazin,Alphawing, Vagabond Yoga, Merz Akademie Stuttgart, wenkerottke, REHAB Collective, LOVEiT Label, amiconsult, embl, melville brand design, ssb, kit, eyeworkers, Breidenbach GmbH, Breidenbach Label,