Hi, my name is Niklas Block. I am a German Art Director and Illustrator, currently living in Karlsruhe, south-west of Germany. In 2017 I graduated with distinction in Communication Design and Media Art at Merz Acadamy in Stuttgart (University of Art). After finishing my studies, I spent several years as freelance designer covering a wide range of different industries and brands such as Monopol Magazine, Dummy Magazin, SSB, Alphawing, Merz Akademie, LOVEiT Label, Breidenbach Label or the H-Team, in Munich. In 2020 I received the honor to be nominated for the German Design Award 2021 as “Newcomer of the Year”. Also I am the Initiator of “einszuwurzelzwei”, a poster club for creatives with only two rules. First keep the Ratio and second do anything you want with the words. View project

Next to my full-time job as a UX Designer I love illustrating without any compromises, focusing on spontaneity and exploration. I find myself most productive when I am not worrying about the materials rather than experimenting with them. The outcomes of this approach are primarily mixed media, collages made with various materials, like crayons, chalk, ink, ballpoint pens, pencil, acryl or spray can. I also work with different printing methods like silk screen printing, risographys and digital prints. On 27.05.21 I started the N series with a counter set to a small number of 1.000.000. Challenge accepted. Toy 4 Life.

I am happy to connect and get to know new people. Feel free to contact me for collaborations, inquiries or just to say hi!