My name is Niklas Block. Im a german art director/illustrator and freelancer with more than twelve years of broadly diversified experience in the field of graphic design, specialized in conception, user experience and user interface design.

I am doing research in the fields of grids and geometric design as well as asemic writing and programmic drawings. The outcome are mixed media, collages with various materials, like crayons, chalk, ink, ballpoint pens, pencil, acryl or spray can. I also work with different printing methods like silk screen printing, risography. To see more check out my artworks.

I am working and living in Karlsruhe, Germany always open for commission and happy to connect!


2013 – Apprenticeship media designer – digital and print
2017 – Exhibition: Don’t fear algorithmsMerz Akademie Stuttgart
2017 – Bachelor’s degree – visual communication with distinction
2018 – Exhibition: Don’t fear algorithmsLange Nacht der Museen Stuttgart
2018 – Exhibition: Don’t fear algorithmsGalerie Kernweile Stuttgart
2019 – Exhibition: Don’t fear algorithmsFensterPlatz Heidelberg
2020 – German Design Award Nominee
2022 – Exhibition: 351 – N-Series, FensterPlatz Heidelberg
2022 – Exhibition: 391 – N-Series, Amiconsult GmbH Karlsruhe
2023 – Donation for Bid for peace
2023 – Workshop Pestalozzi Schule Frankenthal
2023 – AEVO training certificate

Clients & Employers