Fractal Letter Zooms


Fractal Letter Zooms was a side research project on how fractal grids and type and find some incommen behaviors.

Programming typefaces

Bachelor project

Do not fear algorithms – They show us the fastest way home in a sat nav or correct our sentence structure. Algorithms accompany us through our everyday lives. We use them partly consciously, partly unconsciously. Based on the design ideology of programmed design of the 1980s, the book is a playful application of algorithms in the field of typography.

Supervising lecturer: Prof. Joost Bottema

Merz Akademie Ringvorlesungsreihe

Poster series

poster series for a lecture series at the merz akademie stuttgart with the topic “film criticism vs. video essay – thinking about film”. The variable grid system can be filled with four different types of building blocks. the types in turn have been graphically interpreted with themes of film criticism as well as components of the film. The presentation of the corresponding speaker of the lecture is based on old cinema boards and decided to pick up the film as a theme for the series. All posters were screen printed in black and white on transparent foils.



ALPHAWING is a family-owned company based in Kraichgau, Germany, and is distinguished by its unique installation system for terraces and balconies.